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What pet breeds are allowed in my community?

We are excited to welcome you and your pets to our Community! To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, we have a few guidelines regarding pets. Certain breeds of dogs or animals are not allowed in the Community, whether as pets of Residents, Occupants, or Guests. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all. The following dog breeds are prohibited:

– Rottweiler
– Chow-Chow
– Pit Bull
– Bull Terrier
– American Staffordshire Terrier
– German Shepherd
– Doberman Pinscher
– Great Dane
– Presa Canario
– Akita
– Alaskan Malamute
– Siberian Husky
– American Bulldog
– Mastiff
– Bandog
– Boerboel
– Dogo Argentino
– Fila Brasileiro
– Tosa Inu
– Wolf
– Wolf-Hybrids
– Any mixed breed including one of these breeds in its lineage

Additionally, no wild, exotic, or farm animals are allowed in any of our communities. This includes, but is not limited to:

– Pythons
– Boa Constrictors
– Feral cats or dogs
– Wolves
– Wolf hybrids
– Monkeys
– Apes
– Chickens
– Pigs
– Goats
– Sheep
– Cows
– Cattle
– Mules

Residents are also expected to comply with all local laws or ordinances regarding the keeping of certain breeds or types of animals. Thank you for helping us create a friendly and secure environment for everyone!

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